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Unveiling Kingdom Mysteries with Reeni Mederos

The DNA of God & the Chariots of Mystery (Podcast)

Description: The DNA of God and God's Chariots of Mystery - Episode 1 Mystērion Podcast with Reeni Mederos Tune in to Reeni's brand new Podcast Series called, MYSTERION PODCAST, as she gives you fresh revelatory spirit nuggets from the realms of the kingdom of heaven that is current and hot...


My Dance In Israel Today by Reeni Mederos (Article)

💃🏼MY DANCE IN ISRAEL TODAY - 7/25/17💃🏼 As beautiful as this dancer is in this photograph, this is what I feel like in spirit when I dance before the Lord. I have been dancing privately before the Lord for 29 years. It's not a professional dance, it's a spirit dance. I have done some worship...