As beautiful as this dancer is in this photograph, this is what I feel like in spirit when I dance before the Lord. I have been dancing privately before the Lord for 29 years. It's not a professional dance, it's a spirit dance. I have done some worship dances publicly but it is a sacred dance between me and God. There are things I do in private that I don't know that I could ever share publicly. It's just my place with God in heaven. ❤️

I mostly pray on my knees with my beautiful Tallit as it is precious to me from the Hebrew culture with a lot of meaning. I am still learning its depth. As I was praying today, I took communion as I do on a regular basis. It is a lifestyle for me and a DNA transformation. I soar to the heavens as sometimes I do feel my spirit leaves my body. At least it feels that way. I can relate to the Apostle Paul when he said he didn't know if he was in or out of his body. There is just something about the blood of Jesus that separates you from this world and brings you back to your original design.

Many times when I pray and dance, I see myself in my throne room with God. It's just me and Him sometimes and other times I see angels all around. There is usually a bright spot light shining on me in what seems like a large dark room. I have even had dreams about it. The floor always looks like a dark blue hue and it has always made me wonder what exactly was I seeing. Then one day God revealed is was the sapphire sea because of the bluish hue around the throne reflecting upon what appears to be the sea of class that I am dancing upon. I can literally hit my knees to the ground and start praying and then the next minute I step into the throne room. I'm there instantly. One day the Lord spoke and He said, "This is what you do in heaven." I realized I am simultaneous in two places at one time. Wow! Even as I write this, my heart burns within me as I share this intimate moment. I realized that much of what I do in the earth is a reflection of what I'm already don't in heaven. The desires in my heart from heaven manifest in the earth. So when I visit the Lord in prayer, I feel like I'm going home.

It's a beautiful place and it's very much like a magnificent palace with many, many rooms. But I am in this courtyard many times and it is grand and rustic looking with these blue like floors as they shine like marble. It was always a mystery to me why I saw myself in this huge, dark hall or room with huge ceilings and brick like walls. It almost looks like a large concert hall but it's my room, just me and God. This is where I often dance but many times the scene changes on different days. Today I danced in Israel.

As I was on my knees praying and after I took communion, which is very intimate for me, I stood up with my Tallit over my head and I began to walk on what seems like gravel and rocks. It felt to me that I was on a high point somewhere in Israel. I wasn't sure where but as I took small careful steps, I could feel the rocks and gravel under my feet as if I was walking on a surface that was not flat but very textured with small and large rocks and I had to watch my step. I felt my feet on the ground somewhere at a high point in Israel. I asked God, " Where am I?" I could see Jerusalem from a distance and I was high enough to see the city from afar. But I didn't know where I was.

As I began walking back and forth, I stayed there with what God was showing me and I kept looking. I kept gazing into what I was seeing and feeling. A four dimensional time with God in spirit but I also felt the memory of the rocks under my feet in the natural. It was as if I was there. I felt I was there. Being in two places at one time. My natural body here. My spirit being there. My soul engaged between the two transferring life from my spirit to my soul to my body.

As I stood there gazing into what I was seeing and realizing where I was, I began to dance! Ever since I got filled with the Holy Spirit in 1988, I have been dancing steps supernaturally that I have never known how to do I the natural. I remember the first time I ever stepped into this as a young Christian, I wept with tears and the steps I was dancing into was a definite pattern that I had never learned. It flowed as freely as you would speaking in your prayer language and your spirit man just knows what to do. As if you had been doing it all your life. I believe at that moment, I stepped into one of my destiny scrolls. It's what I do in Heaven day and night. I am able to tap into it here on the earth any time of the day that I desire to worship and pray.

As I began dancing upon what seemed like a mountain in Israel, my entire being began to transform with what felt like God's light from heaven. It was so intense that I could feel my spirit being break out of my natural body with intensity of fire and light as the spirit of God inside of me was released from the stall. I kept thinking of the "House of Israel" and Jesus' passion for His Fathers house and the money changers that tried to defile the temple of God and He decrees that His Fathers house was a House of Prayer. I still don't fully understand what the "House of Israel" is, but that's what I heard.

I also thought of the scripture in Psalm 122:1 that says, 'I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.'" This is the Psalm where David prays for the peace of Jerusalem. And my name "Reeni" means "peace" in Greek which we know that "shalom" means peace in English. My name also means "national peace and tranquility." There is a connection.

As I danced before the Lord, I was transformed. No longer my human being being the dominant factor but my spirit being was rising up to its rightful place. The place before the fall. My first estate. The place where God restored me to with His blood, His very DNA being infused into my entire being. This is a process from day to day as I submit myself to the Lord in prayer and worship on a regular basis.

I'm not superhuman and yet something supernatural is talking place deep inside of me. A transformation, a transfiguration, a "changing" from glory to glory. This is supposed to be natural, everyday stuff for us. We are too entangled and weighted down with this world system as our natural way of life and yet there is a kingdom that Jesus speaks of that we are residents of this earth is our temporary home. We are in two places at one time but many times the cares of this world weighs us down so much that we are out of touch of the real place we belong. Heaven.

Spontaneous prophetic dance is a form of worship for me that carries me to where my Heavenly Father is. It is a gateway of worship. A portal to heavenly places released in and from my heart. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and no one goes to the Father unless its through Him and His blood sacrifice. When we eat His body and drink His blood by faith in communion, His DNA transforms and resequences our DNA. We are transfigured in spirit from human DNA to divine DNA. It then manifests to our soul, it brings life and healing to broken places and it even heals our human bodies which is what I believe Jesus did when He healed people. He transferred virtue which was His DNA from His own blood and gave the sick a blood transfusion, manifest healing to physical bodies. Who better would know how to transfer divine DNA to the human race than Jesus Himself who poured out His blood so that we could live free from the curse of sin and death. It's not hard to understand. As we come to Him like a little child, He will reveal wonderful mysteries to those who thirst and hunger after Him with all their heart, soul, mind and body.

God is calling us to mount Zion, the city of the living God. Perhaps I was dancing on mount Zion in spirit because one day I will dance upon mount Zion in Israel and the way is being paved through intercession, which dance is a form of.

After my time with the Lord today, I was burning and glowing with the spirit all day long, waking in perfect peace. Now that is living!

I hope that you have been inspired, encouraged and enraptured in His love. My prayer is that God would draw you ever so closely to His heart and that the peace of God would rest upon you forevermore!

Give a love offering!

Love to all, Reeni Mederos

If you would like to sow a seed into our journey to Israel and submit a prayer decree for your family, we would be most appreciative and we will be in agreement with you for your breakthrough. This will help us with our cost and it will also give you the opportunity to bless Israel as we put our feet on the holy land.

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