Pleading Your Case in Heaven's Court

Partaking of the blood of Jesus for the very first time as a professing Christian or by partaking of His body and blood in holy communion is a supernatural act. There is nothing greater and more important than the power of the blood of Jesus in a Christian's life. It has the power to break any bondage and restore a person back to God. When we get saved and ask Jesus into our hearts, something supernatural happens.

It is the beginning of divine transformation. Our spirit being is awakened, resurrected and reborn because of the the work of the cross. That is the beginning of our journey of divine transformation, but it doesn't end there. The definition of "transform" is: to change in form, appearance or structure; metamorphose. Transformation is a process. "Metamorphosis" is defined as: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.

We are all born with the human DNA of our mothers and fathers, and our mothers and fathers are born with the human DNA of their mothers and fathers and so on—all the way down to Adam and Eve. Therefore, we have inherited human genetic code from many generations that is both good and bad. We see some good genetic code passed down from our parents such as nice hair color or beautiful eyes. We also can have bad genetic code passed down to us such as cancer, addiction or other problems.

We have a mixture of good and bad genetic code, but God's original intent and design was for us to have a healthy genetic lineage and bloodline, to pass the good DNA codes down to our children, even unto a thousand generations (Ex. 20:5-6). DNA contains information, the blueprint of life. Jesus' blood contains the blueprint of life, but something went wrong with mankind. It is called sin.

When Adam and Eve fell, they also passed down a mutated genetic code to the rest of humankind because of their sin. That is why we all suffer with sin. Science if finally starting to catch up with what the Bible has been telling us all along. When Jesus died on the cross, He provided a way for that genetic code to be restored back to its original design (before the fall) and replaced it with His divine blood sacrifice.

Jesus' blood has divine DNA. When we ask Jesus to wash away our sins, He is essentially washing it away with the divine DNA in His blood. That is why we feel cleansed. We repent and acknowledge our sin through confession, and the blood of Jesus washes the memory of that sin away into the sea of forgetfulness. When Jesus commanded us to "eat his body and drink his blood," He was talking about partaking of His divine nature through the sacrament of holy communion which is partaking of His divine DNA and is an act of worship. We do this by faith as we affectionately remember His sacrifice (1 Cor. 11:25). This helps us to maintain and grow our relationship with God by remembering and honoring His sacrifice often and is a celebration of His life.

Genetic code has memory and when we take communion by faith, our original design is called to remembrance that we are His and we belong to Him and we have been purchased by His blood. This act of remembrance is by faith, it is supernatural and it has the power to break personal bondages and family bloodline curses along with having the power to draw us closer to God from glory to glory. In essence, God gives us a blood transfusion, but unless it is done by faith and not done as a ritual, it will have very little value to the person partaking of it. When we partake of His divine DNA, the divine genetic code within His DNA is the testimony of Jesus written in His blood, and it also contains the written scrolls of our very lives that is recorded in heaven (Ps. 139:16). It has the power to reverse every curse in our lives and cleanse our generational bloodline over time, restoring us back to wholeness and abundance of life as God originally intended for us to enjoy.

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