Cleansing Your Spiritual Gateways

2 Hour Activation Webinar

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Cleansing Your Spiritual Gateways - 2 Hour Online Webinar with Reeni Mederos

Lift up your heads, you gates; lift them up, you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in. Psalm 24:9 NIV

As living beings, we are made up of body, soul and spirit and each part of or being has spiritual gateways that need regular cleansing. Do you ever experience hindrances to entering into a deep place with the Lord when you pray? Do you feel like you hit a brick wall and have trouble seeing visions in the spirit or encountering the presence of the Lord in a tangible way or do you just long to go deeper than where you have been going? Many Christians, even though they love God with all their heart, still experience hindrances in their prayer time and in heavenly encounters with God when they try to access the realm of the supernatural. If we are honest with ourselves, sometimes we just get frustrated because we just don't understand why we are not experiencing the level of intimacy we long for. There is a reason for this. Many Christians don't realize they have spiritual gateways that need to be cleansed so that they can experience the fullness of Christ when they access heavenly places. This webinar is purposed to take you deeper and to stretch your spirit senses in visions, dreams and encounters in the heavenly realms with the Lord, but it all comes through intimacy with Christ first and we must learn how to recognize and get rid of the gateway hindrances we may be unaware of which will be discussed in depth in this webinar.

God so longs for us to come close to Him and draw near. The Holy Spirit is faithful to help us in our time of need, weakness and lack of understanding. Sometimes we just need a little extra encouragement and practical instruction to give us that little extra push to know how to enter into that deep intimate place with God that we may see others enter into but somehow we personally continue to run into what seems like brick walls. You are not alone! Tremendous breakthrough is available with a little bit of encouragement, biblical teaching and instruction, coaching and hands on activations in a safe learning and mentoring environment into the realm of the supernatural that is up close and personal, life giving and effective.

God has helped me and continues to help me to learn how to get past hindrances in my life that could keep me from enjoying my intimacy with Christ on a daily basis. As I have sought the Lord for years to know Him intimately and to be able to enter into the wonders of His person on a daily basis, I also want to be able to reveal the keys and the mysteries He has given me to help others soar to higher heights in their walk with God. I have always found the Lord to be compassionate, tender and eager to instruct me on how to engage into the very depths of His heart. It is the most wonderful journey and I want to take you with me. In this powerful webinar, I want to share with you my own personal experiences of successes and failures and examples of my own personal journey that I believe will help you in your personal journey with the Lord in your quest to go as deep as you can go with Him. I will bring some clarity into some of the reasons why the gateways in your life can hinder that intimacy you long for that is sometimes not so obvious. Sometimes have mental blocks, emotional blocks, traumas or discouragements in our lives that we just can't seem to get past. In this class setting, you will be coached, mentored and encouraged on how to recognize different gateways, what they are and to cleanse the gateways of the body, soul and spirit that we are unaware of.

Cleansing our gateways always comes through the blood of Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. This webinar class will include a time of taking communion together, biblical teaching, questions and answers and a time of activations where we will engage in cleansing our personal gateways that is simple and practical, but extremely powerful. Once we learn how to recognize and remove hindrances that block us from a free flowing access to the depths of God's heart, we can experience greater freedom in coming boldly to the throne of grace to obtain the mercy and grace we need. This webinar will also include some worship activations to help facilitate an atmosphere that welcomes the Father, Son and Holy Spirit along with the angelic host of heaven to be in our midst on a personal and group level.

Course Access: This course provides an interactive format to post your lesson comments with other students. The session will start with taking holy communion as a group to honor the Lord Jesus Christ! There are no tests and no homework except that which you choose to engage in between you and God from recommended worship exercises. This webinar can be viewed LIVE or ON-DEMAND to meet your schedule needs at your own pace from anywhere in the world on most devices. This class is accessible 24 hours a day with unlimited viewing with no expiration as long as the class is available online to give you ample time to review as much as needed at your leisure. It's that easy! Register Now!

Class Proceeds: All proceeds for this class will be used for Prophet Reeni's Israel Tour with in April 2018 with her daughter, Ashley Pahl, as they embark on a journey to the Holy Land to make decrees and set their feet on the ground as Ashley represents the next generation and to take the Abrahamic Blessing by force for your families and especially your prodigal children. This is the year of the prodigal and we are taking action to bring them home! Please visit for more details.


Course Instructor: Reeni Mederos - Founder of Spirit Academy

Optional: Be prepared to take communion together as a class to honor the Lord Jesus Christ with the first fruits of our time and have your communion elements ready such as a piece of cracker and water or juice.

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Reeni Mederos
Reeni Mederos
Reeni Mederos is the founder of Mystérion Expressions, Mystérion Academy and Mystērion.TV and is a revelatory motivational speaker, author of "The Weapon of Peace," and pioneering seer and a fiery prophetic psalmist who releases the fire of Seraphim with a passionate love for Christ in her spontaneous worship over cities, regions and nations, piercing individual lives with her contagious passion for Christ and adventuring the realms of the Kingdom following hard after God. Reeni has been activating the Body of Christ into God's supernatural realms for over 25 years with her online schools, live broadcasts and webinars, and on-location activation encounters, helping others to discover and fulfill their God-given destiny scrolls.

With a down to earth prophetic mentoring style that is easily received, Reeni's ability as a prophetic seer brings restoration to a persons God given identity from God and their original blueprint design from heaven. Hope is restored that brings healing to the heart, drawing out the gifts and callings within a person, and raises confidence levels as she administers pinpointed activation strategy with divine wisdom . As Reeni draws out the inner potential of a person's calling and hidden inner treasures with keen prophetic insight into the heart and anointed instruction, many discover the reality of their God-given blueprint, identity and destiny on accelerated levels in a very short period of time that results in a life that is transformed and equipped to do mighty exploits in God as matured sons and daughters of God.

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